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Maiden Voyage completed!

We’ve come a long way, baby (561 miles to be exact! :).

We are back in our ‘hometown’, Petaluma, CA, which is in Sonoma County/North Bay Area, and it is good to be back (in large part because that means that Sonoma pic 3our new-to-us motorhome has successfully made it back)!


Yes, ‘Mel’ (the name of our coach) has made the maiden voyage, and is doing very well now that we addressed all of the major problems.

Despite the fact that it took over 3 times as long as we thought it would and experiencing some pretty major inconveniences, we feel in our heart that it truly all worked in a pretty great way. We had the time to absorb/incorporate all the Sonoma pic 1change happening/new RV lifestyle, and learned A LOT from the Palm Desert RV shop owner (and new friend) –giving us more than enough know-how to function well in said RV lifestyle!

Chris has taken to it all like a duck to water (in many instances—because of his research—knowing more about something than those more experienced), and enjoys ‘talking shop’ with RV neighbors about engine power, abilities, etc. He also drives it very well.

This is, of course, after an initial scare after leaving the Palm Springs area (read about it here).  Sonoma pic 2Boy, that day was something.  We were all set—gassed up, tow car in the ready, final tweak on a 2nd toilet seal done that morning (there was a water leak, no sewage, easy fix). I was worn out, chomping at the bit to get moving back to Northern CA, and when that ‘Check Engine’ light came on, I about lost my mind!

But, I digress.  The focus on this post is that we are in ‘our neck of the woods’, so to speak, and we are thrilled to see the Beauty that Northern California is known for (can you handle all of this daydream-inspiring blue sky and perfect green fields?):



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