The Cruisin' Crew

Time to reveal our latest adventures!

(This post may be somewhat redundant, because we have talked about many of these points in previous posts, but I wanted to have one concise record or statement about our major lifestyle change to post to Twitter etc.)

It’s time to reveal a brand new exciting adventure of mine / ours. In fact, it’s a major lifestyle change that has been more than 6 month in the making! Tracy and I (and our 2 cats) are hitting the road as full time “RV’ers”. We sold our 3 bedroom house in the San Francisco North Bay, massively downsized our belongings and bought an older (but for its time well appointed) class A diesel pusher motorhome (see the attached pictures) to try something truly unique and wild!

We’re planning to travel quite a bit and see the country, but instead of traveling for just a few days or weeks a year, we will be living in this behemoth full time and also work while being on the road. Of course I will continue to create music for games and other media and literally take the term “mobile studio” to the ultimate level. I am currently designing a custom work desk with a single very large 4k computer monitor, compact studio monitor speakers, a slide out shelf for a midi keyboard and a 19 inch rack for my remaining outboard gear. The rest of my studio has for years resided in virtual form on my Laptop (though it’s a quite powerful machine, not the typical underpowered one from your local office supply chain 😉 ), so my tools stay pretty much the same.

Also, and this is maybe the most exciting part is that we want to document our journey and adventures in the form of an official blog and Youtube channel. To that end, we have created “The Cruisin’ Crew” and you can read all about our trials and tribulations at right here at

We also started a Youtube channel at

And to round out our first batch of social media options, we also have an official Facebook page:

I hope you will be as excited as I am about this new chapter in our lives and you can ask me any questions you might have. I’m looking forward to share our stories, photos and videos of this adventure of a lifetime! 🙂


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