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Chris and I have come so far…and still have far to go.  Sometimes it just seems so intimidating!  I look forward to the day in which we can wake and start/live our day fairly easily (the new American Dream), with our new home clean and organized, and a good amount of working knowledge when it comes to all things RV!  ‘Cause right now we’re so new…needing to learn everything, and I do mean everything.  Neither of us has spent any time in an RV, ever.

Ah, but don’t let me stray too far.  Let me take a moment to look back on what we’ve done the past few weeks:

Getting out of the house on time and with it clean was a minor miracle.  We are blessed to have wonderful friends who let us (and the cats) stay with them for 2 weeks, since our motorhome is in the shop.

Yes, you read that correctly.  Our newly-purchased coach is in the shop for repairs (details in previous post).

Well, it’s taking a looooooot longer than we counted on (in retrospect, it’s all happening and turning out for the best–this is such an important thing to keep in mind when faced with difficulty!), so we boarded the kitties and came down to Palm Springs to see what we could do to help the process along.  The repair shop allows people to stay in their coaches at night, so we figured we’d get a jump on things.

My first impression of the Safari:  it’s big.  Dusty.  And more than a little smelly.  Hello, ‘wet dog’ smell.  Aw, let’s get you cleaned up, girl.  Let’s open up the windows and air it out…with garage-y type fumey air.  Hmmm.

So, Chris and I have been staying in the coach much of the time, trying to clean and organize it while taking in the gorgeous Palm Springs area views.  Here are some pics:

Lovely sunrise over Palm Springs

Lovely sunrise over Palm Springs

Local plant life!

Local plant life!

Our view from the coach! ;)

Our view from the coach! 😉

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