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One thing that Chris and I have realized in our mission of downsizing, selling our home, and moving into an RV full-time, is the Need For Organization.

Organi-what?  I am not naturally an organized individual, but have always thought it to be a great and wonderful thing (I’ve always been somewhat envious of those who naturally have those tendencies).  And now, on top of All Of This Change, I need to change myself?  Can a lazy slob (admittedly, that might be a bit harsh) actually become an energized, organized individual?

Well, now it’s my time to develop this within myself.  Not entirely by choice, but by necessity!  It’s the only way to go with living in such a small space with My Crew.

The Basics:

A) Clean every dish as it gets dirty, and clean foodstuffs up immediately.

B) I realize that Every Single Thing needs a home, and needs to be put in that home.

C) Will add to list as I realize it.  (Ah, perhaps C is being proactive about things?)

It gets me thinking, though…it’s not just about having a home for the material stuff and belongings and tools in the RV, it’s the Inner Organization that counts, too.

In preparation for the inner changes, it’s important to get clear and grounded.  Here is an article that has become my Great Teaching of the moment.  Hope you get something out of it, too.

And feel free to add to the tips that will be posted as I walk/drive/sail this new path/road/ocean!



One thought on “Organi…zation?

  1. Andrea

    This is a hot topic I am very interested in as well! 😉 I am gonna follow your steps in this adventure and try to learn something which may come useful for myself too.
    Have a great time all of you magic-crew!

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