The Cruisin' Crew

In The Eye of the Storm…

Well, one thing that can’t be said about our current situation and Life change is the word boring.  We’ve been riding these emotional waves pretty well, all things considered!  IMG_4848

The selling of our house has been a longer process than originally anticipated, but all in all we’ve realized that it’s been a Good Thing–it’s given us Time and Opportunity to re-evaluate the type of RV that we want, for example.

We’re realizing that the extra time (which at first felt excruciating!), is actually better preparing us for our new Life On The Road!  We’re learning more about ourselves, about what we need (not necessarily what we want) when it comes to our living space, and we’re laying down the groundwork of preparing for this documentation-type blog and upcoming Youtube videos!

We are continuing to look forward to it all!

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